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the last time i listened to this i was stayin up all night last summer watchin the sunrise over oakland out the window waitin for somethin real bad to happen now me n arielle are listenin to it pre tucking in to “one big cookie” that we made w like ten cookies worth of cookie dough so sometimes this world is just a-ok

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Let’s Eat Our Arms
installation at MoMA PS1

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I hope if I’ve taught you anything, it’s that there’s no problem so big you can’t run away from it.

i put a bunch of melon rinds in the freezer bc i was in a hurry in the morning and didn’t want them sitting in the trash all day smellin bad, but i just heard erika’s roommate talkin shit bout my ‘weird rind ice cube things’ so um next time i see her im gonna lie and tell her they’re an important science experiment 

Radiator Hospital — “Cut Your Bangs”

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also when i was walking home today on the path through the woods i took a breath and for a little quivery second tripped back into a long, nervous tunnel 

but then i came around the corner and it was just a cutie girl in a red bandanna smoking a joint and i asked if she liked peaches and she said yes so i gave her an armful from my giant bucket and she told me they smelled like when she was a kid and lived in the country

when i was driving with lauren she told me “I’ve noticed you’re an awfully safe person” and I thought “in what world?” and the answer is IN THIS WORLD, SUMMER OF SAFETY, HOME FREEEE

like i know i’ve said this already but literally, LITERALLY my whole job today was to cut watermelons in half, tear out the heart with my fingers, drip the juice into a laser refractometer and put the sweetest part in my mouth


i was standing there in the sun covered in sugar laughing and laughing, yall, what if i’d stayed in california? how did i invent this summer instead? 

No, it’s the other way around! A bird sanctuary is like a bomb shelter, it’s the only place where you’re safe from them.
today i worked a 13-hour shift but it was ok because my job was to cut wedges out of melons and eat them. my work buddies make me laugh stupid hard all day long. truck sleep. all the things that would keep me from loving this are evaporated currently. /\ /\ /\ 
lookuplookup replied to your post: “raaaaaain is coming i can hear rain coming! im not even mad that some1…”:
I am still thinking about your cake pie post from yesterday.

it’s all any of us can ever think about

raaaaaain is coming i can hear rain coming! im not even mad that some1 ate all my frozen peaches because it’s gonna rain and i have a watermelon the size of my head to eat instead :))))

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when you woke up this morning, did you say “today, i want to talk” or “today, I want to cake pie”