weekly update:

i LOVE “Drink To That All Night" only because 1.got a black ford not a white mercedes 2. i imagine how gr8 it would have been as a pregaming-with-erika-and-lrb jam 2b. i use it to forcibly reset my affect post-work

I am I 目玉焼きニットプルオーバー


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p.s. this is my playlist of the week it’s all i need :) :) :) 

my mom, sweetly, to me: “Sorry if I’m telling you I love you too much! I just think it all the time”

me, yelling, to my brother: “Sorry if I FUCKING LOVE YOU, asshole”

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found: a drunken drawing from Tahoe

fun fact - all of these people have tumblrs! can u guess who is who

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f u fb :))

f u fb :))


my mama and brother are staying with me for a whole week, I get to show her the new terrain of my adult life and she takes it in with this anthropological interest, it’s so cute and fun

& she calls bl0gging “reading your friends”


"Getting to first base" means reading The Old Testament. "Getting to second base" means reading The New Testament. There are no other bases. 

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vintage handwoven tapestry

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The Appalachian forest comes alive with a variety of wildflowers in the early days of April.  Among the most frequently encountered are: Dutchman’s breeches; sessile trillium (or toadshade); spring beauty; squirrel corn; trout lily, twinleaf (or Jeffersonia); Virginia bluebell; and wake robin (or purple trillium).  All of these photos were taken along the Mon River Trail yesterday and today.

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the other good part of today is i changed diana’s note-taking header from “lung safety” to “yung safety” without her noticing and now that’s what i call her in my head :))

i wanted to bake a challah for my mom to celebrate her arrival but i remembered it’s passover?

today i had pesticide safety training for nine hours so i lost every scrap of hope i had in my future and want to die in a shallow hole from 8:30-5pm Sun-Thurs every day until september

but I sat right behind my devastatingly beautiful boss crush and she did this lil sweep with her hair over her shoulder periodically so?

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